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Psycho - Robert Bloch I haven't really read that many horror/thriller type novels recently. I read quite a few when I was in my mid teens (some sort of phase, I'm sure...). Psycho was definitely a good re-introduction though.Robert Bloch has certainly mastered the art of the disturbing if Psycho is anything to go by. For those of you who have seen the 1960 film adaptation by Alfred Hitchcock, it stayed quite true to the original manuscript. There are really only a few slight differences and those are mainly in the characters appearances which is to be expected.Comparing the two, I found Bloch's novel to be more chilling then the film simply because we get a greater insight into the twisted workings of the mind Norman Bates. While unsettling there wasn't anything too confronting in the book.for anyone not aware of the plot - the story takes place in an out of the way motel, run by 40 something, Norman Bates and his mother (or so it seems). A young girl finds herself in need of a room after making the second biggest mistake of her life by stealing $40,000 from her employer. Her number one biggest mistake ends up being, choosing the Bates Motel as a place to rest. Suffice to say she doesn't get out alive - cue the famous shower scene.All the themes, however sinister were dealt with in a slightly detached manner. Such as would make sense within the jumbled and highly repressive mind of our psychotic murdering protagonist. Despite his short comings, I do find Bates to be the hero of the story. Yes he's "evil" but he's also very sick. He doesn't want to hurt people it's just his damaged psyche that causes him to act out in violence. In the end it's all a means of self preservation.I found his internal conflict with his mother a great motivation for all actions and ended up greatly sympathising with him. Monster or not.Psycho is not a book for everyone but I found it enjoyably fast passed and at only a mere 126 pages it was almost over before it began. An interesting piece of literature from another time and place. One of the archives.