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Howards End is on the Landing: A year of reading from home

Howards End Is on the Landing: A Year of Reading from Home - Susan Hill I first picked up Howards End is on the Landing about a year ago from a local used bookstore. I thought it looked good at the time but I must have lost interest along the way since it sat, unread, on my shelves since its initial purchase. Luckily for me though something must have clicked a couple of weeks ago because my need to read it suddenly tripled. Howards End is on the Landing is a non fiction work from author/publisher, Susan Hill. It all begins one day when Susan goes in search of her copy of Howards End. She scours her book cases to no avail but does find numerous volumes she's never read and ones she has read but would love to read again. She decides to spend one year not accumulating new books but appreciating her collection as is and thus begins our journey. This book is something akin to my idea of heaven. I am a self professed bibliophile. I have read, collected and loved books since before I started school. This certainly isn't a passing phase for me, that's for sure.Howards End is on the Landing is for all intents and purposes, a love letter to reading and books in general. She discusses the life changing power of the written word, the healing properties, the way in which they shape and define who we are as people. Everything is discussed in this volume from Shakespeare to Wodehouse to Dahl to Wharton. It is perfection.I would recommend this book for anyone out there for whom reading is a life choice. For anyone who loves the history and longevity of books and for anyone who is just a little bit nosy and wants a peak at another persons reading habits...If you're not a fan of classic literature and aren't interested in the roots of modern culture then this book may not be for you but if anything I've spoken about so far appeals then I implore you to pick this book up but if you do I suggest doing so with paper and pencil at hand because I guarantee you will find at least one other book that you wish to read or reread along the way.I felt a kinship with Susan along her journey and I hope to spend more time with her in the future both in the rereading of this book and in her other works.One for the favourites list for sure.