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C'est La Folie

C'est la Folie - Michael Wright *update*Just reread this lovely volume. The below musings were from 2009. I loved every second of my experience with Michael Wright. Such an enchanting read!This is possibly one of the loveliest travel stories I have ever read. Michael's bold and exciting decision to move to rural France and the events that follow there after makes for a compelling and memorable read. The turn of each page was a new kind of joy.Mr Wrights prose left me quite in love with the idea of country life. Although one of the best things I found about this book is the fact that after turning the final page (which left me with a sense of loss I haven't felt from a book in a long time) I decided to look at the website only to find that Michael's journey is to be continued in a sequel due for publication next July. Sincerely can't wait for more. Would recommend to anyone.