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Lunch In Paris - A Love Story, With Recipes

Lunch In Paris: A Delicious Love Story, With Recipes - Elizabeth Bard I must admit I was expecting more from this book. What exactly the “more” was I can not say but it just did not live up to my expectations. Lunch in Paris is a non fiction account of Bard’s transition to life in Paris after the globe trotting New Yorker moves there permanently after falling in love with a local.The book is peppered with recipes, mostly those that have featured in antidotes from the actual crux of the book. These were a nice touch but something I’ve seen done more effectively.I found myself interested in the story and liking the character that Bard creates for herself but I was never entirely attached to the goings on. It was more like looking in at something from a window rather than experiencing the events for yourself.I did still enjoy the book and found myself getting through its pages relatively fast. Would recommend to anyone looking for a light hearted quick read.