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The Ersatz Elevator: Book the Sixth (A Series of Unfortunate Events)

The Ersatz Elevator: Book the Sixth (A Series of Unfortunate Events) - The Ersatz Elevator is the sixth volume in A Series of Unfortunate Events and the novel that brings the Baudelauries back to their home city for however short a time. The Ersatz Elevator is also, unfortunately, the novel that introduces us to Esme Squalor, a detestable sort of character obsessed with being trendy and knowing what’s ‘In’ and ‘out’ at any given moment. Regrettably for the Baudelaires, Orphans happen to be ‘In’ throughout the course of this volume, leading them to their newest ‘home’ with Esme and her unwitting husband, Jerome.The children, as usual, face a multitude of challenges throughout this book including figuring out how to scale down an elevator shaft and rescue their friends the Quagmires from Count Olafs clutches. Not much more is given away re: the mystery of VFD that first appeared in the previous volume, The Austere Academy but tension is certainly beginning to mount as the stakes get ever higher.It’s no secret that I adore this series and reading these again is simply a joy. Violet, Klaus and Sunny are possibly my favourite of all fiction children and this volume does nothing but enhance that love. My memory is actually getting a little foggy when it comes to what happens next so I am looking forward to refreshing it.