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A Song of Ice and Fire (1) - A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones  - George R.R. Martin Epic fantasy series are not really something that I’ve had too much experience with. Obviously with the exception of some Tolkien here and there. After hearing so much praise for George R.R Martin and his Song of Ice and Fire series, coupled with personal recommendations from readers whose opinions I respect, I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer. I began reading A Game of Thrones with some trepidation due to the immense scope of this world that I was being dragged into along with the many characters and their somewhat obscure names. Happily, it only took about 100 pages to really come to terms with both the world and its inhabitants. After that initial slope it was a perfectly engrossing read.Within its 800 plus pages I grew to love and hate many a character. I grew to care very deeply as to the fate of individuals and to the politics of the land in general. There is something very believable about Martin’s writing and the detail and effort that went into the very ambitious hierarchy of life he has created. A book as large as this can be a little daunting from a readers perspective but the way in which Martin constructs said monster of a novel made it a joy rather than a chore. The chapters are small, making for a surprisingly fast read and the novel itself is told from the perspective of 8 different characters. The constant shifting of perspective made for a fast paced narrative that seldom grew stale. I was constantly thinking about the different characters and not receiving a large chunk at a time from any of them made the anticipation enjoyable but not irritating. I, personally, adore having a little window in to the mind of a character and the fact that such a large and towering story such as this wasn’t trapped within the one mind set was an act of genius as far as I’m concerned. It’s the humanity of a story that appeals to my sensibilities and that’s definitely what we got here.Anyone who has yet to give this saga a go, I more than recommend trying it. Although, a warning, it will take over your life just a little bit. Not always a bad thing though, if you ask me.