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Never the Bride

Never the Bride - Paul Magrs Ghosts, Vampires, Aliens, life sucking minions and reanimated corpses. Sounds fun, right? Well actually it is.Never the Bride is the first volume of Paul Magrs Brenda and Effie series and let me just say I had no idea of the ride I was in for when I first opened this book.Brenda is the middle aged owner of a small bed and breakfast. In many ways she seems unremarkable. Appearances can be deceiving. Brenda, as it turns out, is actually the literal intended bride of Frankenstein’s monster. She is the reanimated dead tissue of several corpses and she has been on the run since her ‘birth’. You may think that’s as weird as it gets. I almost wish I could tell you, you’re right but this story is just getting started. Think of a paranormal occurrence. Chances are Magrs thought of it first. This book is wacky to say the least. Thankfully it has been written with humour in mind because I honestly think if someone tried to pull of something like this straight they would have a disaster on their hands.Never the Bride threw me a little at first but once I’d come to terms with the world I’d unintentionally stepped in to, I had a lot of fun.The premise of this story is so out there that you really never quite know what to expect next and I really enjoyed that element.I’m excited to see where the series goes from here because it was one hell of a start.